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Specializing in website design and marketing for the following industries:

Fire Protection Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Security Systems

  • My background has included systems design, sales, management, web design and online marketing.
  • NICET IV Senior Engineering Technician with 35 years of experience.
  • I understand the challenges you face every day as a business owner.
  • I also understand that your online presence is an important component of marketing your business.

Here's how I can help you:

Easy-To-Edit Websites

The building blocks:

I will design and build your website for you, including the content, host it on the world-wide-web and then show you how you can then edit your pages, add or delete pages, insert images, change font styles and be in full control! It's easier than you may think! If you need help, you can call anytime. You won't have to depend on someone else to edit your website! You can keep it up-to-date, add pictures, change text, add or drop products, include links and information that would be useful to your customers. You may also elect to have me do these things for you.

The process starts with a discussion to learn about your business and help you communicate your vision for your website. Based on that information, I proof the site layout and content, review it with you and then get it ready for the web, making sure that your pages are optimized for the search engines, and only posting it to the web when you are satisfied and give your permission! When you are ready, I'll show you how to edit your new website online! The key is the content management system (CMS) that is built-in so that you can keep your text and images fresh, relevant and interesting.

Naturally, your website will include a Contact Form so that you can capture vital information and respond to their inquiry, if they leave their name, number or email address!

Some recent productions:
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GoldFever Marketing is an
Invisible Gold, LLC. Authorized Reseller/Web Design Partner.


E-Mail MarketingNewsletters

This can be the key to keeping in touch with your existing and potential customers:

Email is an extremely effective and easy way to communicate. I will help you design a newsletter that is concise, easy on the eyes and hard to resist. It arrives in your intended recipient's Inbox at a time of your choosing, and is more likely to be read and/or retained than a piece of paper! You can include useful links and timely information of value to your reader. Next to your website, email marketing is the next most important component of an online marketing strategy!

I can provide you with the tools to conduct an ongoing email marketing program that provides you with meaningful feedback on the results. And, you'll be able to edit your own newsletters! You can select from over 400 email templates and customize them as you like. Social media tools are built-in!

Here's another way to use this tool: Send out regular code training or code updates, practical on-the-job training tips and procedures or safety bulletins to your employees. Include links that they can follow to further their knowledge of the trade.

I can sign you up with Constant Contact and you can build your own newsletter, or I can build it for you if you are pressed for time. You can then edit future issues yourself, or I can assist you.

Constant Contact(R)Solutions Partner

"Mark, thanks so much helping me launch my online marketing campaign-the response has been terrific! Look forward to working with you to continue to grow my business."--The Vault Exceptional Wines And Craft Beer